Monday, May 31, 2010

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!!

I told you that LAST WEEK, but have you listened to me yet?? NO!!

Today, we had to go up the block again, because it had been raining all night! (well for starters I made Mike get out of his sick bed to come with me - bad, bad wifey!)

We got up the block, and ugh... what a disaster area!!! Like... bog heaven I'm telling ya!!! >:| We seriously need to get someone in to dig some trenches for us, otherwise, the shed, is gonna be Floodsville! :(

It was also quite misty up at the house today!

Next on the agenda, checking out the brickwork. Of course, no brickies on site today, as it was, yep, you guessed it... raining! I do have to say though, they are doing an awesome job, and Mike and I are really pleased with the mortar colour!

This is a picture of the cavity between the brick and the building wrap / framing.

The Plumber had also been back to the house, to finish off piping, to my excitement, he had put in the spout for the spa bath(which is going to be like some sort of water fountain over the spa bath, so they tell me).

There was also a drainer for the drainhole in our shower!

Here are some more plumbing pics!

WOW... shower base for the kids, now out of the box ;)

This is a better picture of the inside of the front door and entrance way!

The DVS People have now been back, and they have installed more of the DVS System.

Electricians have also put in more wiring! Here is the wire for the Heat Detector in our Kitchen.

This is the wiring for the Smoke Detector in the Library.

We also had a Network Cabling box put in.

I found the Yellow Oxide that they put in the mortar to give it the creamy colour.

Last of all, the back of the house, which is probably where they were going to be working today, but, because of the RAIN (did I mention it was raining here today??), they weren't on site at all!