Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And the Door goes up!

Mike and I went up to the block today, as we had to pick something up. I had been up there yesterday and forgot to take the camera with me.... duh! They had started putting up the building wrap when I was up there yesterday (to switch the power back on for the tradies who tripped it lmao)

To my excitement, the first thing I saw, was the Kiwivac van! YIPPEEE!!!! Central Vac system, here I come!!! :)


AND..... A FRONT DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

After checking out the windows, I went up to the top of the block and did my usual panoramic photo of the house! I also noticed that the Roof Tilers had been up there to finish the rest of the tiling on the roof! So that is all done now, and our roof is looking rather swish! :)

Mike and I then walked around the house to check out the Kiwivac installation, which seems to be going all in the right spot! :) (very exciting for me to have a central vac system again!!!!... I much prefer to pull just a hose around everywhere, rather than drag a whole vacuum around the joint!!! Life will be so much easier!)

The electrical work is also taking shape - Kerry and Trent are doing an awesome job!! They also did the electrical work in our shed, and did a brilliant job there too!

This is a pic of the ducting for my awesome Bosch Rangehood!!! (Which I only really wanted because of the cool lighting on it!!! lol)

The Laundry door is in, with a cat flap, for the cat that we don't have, but for the cat we are babysitting at the moment (Chandra!!), and for a future kitten for the kids (Im sure Britt - and Cameron if he is about at the time - would love to help choose a kitten and a puppy when we move!!)

This is the Ranch Sliders in the kids Rumpus Room!

The windows have wrap on them, so this was also good to see that it was done so fantastically!

Here is the Ranch Slider from the Formal Loungeroom.

Ummm..... A MISTAKE, which we had to get corrected quite urgently today.... we were meant to have ONE HUGE WINDOW, so that we could sit in the Loungeroom, and just have an awesome unobstructed view of our property and the land around us .... but, someone, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they would put in... an opening window for us, which is NOT what we wanted, so we had to make a quick diversion to see Chrissy to get this fixed asap!!!

This is where all the guys seemed to be working from mostly today, so all their gear was found here in the Family / Dining / Kitchen area.

This is Our Bedroom and ensuite area. We have stacker doors to an outdoor area from our room!

And last of all.... we got to see our Front Door being put in, which was very awesome to see!!! I wonder how long now, until they lock us out :(