Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exhausting day....

today... we had to go back to that house we rented to clean up... and we were there for like 7 hours finishing off the gardens.... so we are exhausted tonight and chilling in front of the tv, Mike has a glass of wine, and I am drinking some southern comfort and coke! Its nice to sit back and relax :)

We also managed to drop by the block - fancy that!! :D We noticed that they had dropped off more Roof Tiles around the house! SO.... here are the photos!

... as you can see, we are also greening up at the block!! :) YAY!

I also did a little trick with my car! There is something about me and destroying the exhaust pipe! I dumped some rubbish up the block, and reversed back a liddle bit too far... and whoops... got some clay stuck up the exhaust.... I had to get a big long stick, and gouge out the clay, not such a fun job, let me tell you!... I dont recommend that you play this game at home.... so here are the exciting pics of the hole I made in the clay, and the clay extricated from the exhaust pipe...... uhhhh whooooppsss.. :D

Anyway..... I am back to relaxing!!!! :)