Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moving.... and the house!

Hey everyone, its been nearly a week between posts, I have been very busy moving... what a joyous occasion that has been... not! *whinge whinge whinge*

SOoooo... what has been happening at the house.. quite a bit! We went there on Saturday to find that they had put up the paper around the house. They had also put up planks around the house.

On Monday, I went back again, there were only two builders there finishing off the last parts of the roof trusses and the paper around the house.

I had a bit of a wander through the house again, and noticed that the view out our lounge room window, is going to be stunning!

On this particular day, it was clear enough to see out to the Tasman Sea.

I headed out through the "laundry" to the back of the shed, towards the water tanks, and this is the hole for where the sewer is going to be.

I headed up to the block yesterday, to find the guttering guy up there, and he was attaching the fascia to the house. I had a bit of a chat to the fella, and he was a bit cheeky and told me that Lignite, was the colour that chocolate lovers choose.... hmmmm! Who dobbed me in?????

The Entry way is looking kinda cool!

I left the block for a while and came back (for a snoozer! lol), and I noticed that the front area of the house had been ripped up..... awesome.. :| The guttering bloke told me a truck came and delivered some silver thingys into the garage, and got bogged... the tool left all the planks dug into the ground from his truck... and I aint digging them out! Nope! No Sireeeee!

On heading up there today, the guy had started putting up some of the guttering. He should be finished the guttering tomorrow.

Roof Tiles are being delivered on Friday, and they will start going up on Monday! So hopefully by the end of next week, you will all get to see an awesome roof! We are not having regular tiles, we are having flat type tiles on the roof, so hopefully it will look kinda cool!! :)

Until next time...... xxx