Monday, May 17, 2010


Mike and I headed to the block today... and we met with the electrician. We sorted out all the lights and powerpoints in the house, even added some more lights and powerpoints that we had missed, and changed a few things around that we didnt like or think would work. So, lighting all sorted now!

The roof tilers still have not finished their job, they still have to put the tiles on the ridges and valleys, and there also seems to be a tile in the middle of the roof, that is not in place properly at all.... hmmmmm.......

Paul had also been at the house to do the pre-piping and wiring for the ducted aircon!

The builders were there today, putting the eaves lining in as well!

The house, from the inside, is taking on a more houselike shape, as the builders had also started removing the timber bracing from inside the rooms.