Friday, May 28, 2010


Bricks on site for a WEEK and NO Brickwork done on the house.... very very disappointing for me :( I thought I could go away for a week, come home and the brickies would have been finished... but nope, it didnt happen!

HOWEVER, there was a BIG pile of sand on site....

Windows are all in now (except the big picture window... still working on that one... and they still have to put the panes in some of the windows).

Ducted Aircon Cables, outside our ensuite!

Front door in, and deadlocked (see... I knew they were gonna lock me out eventually, and why not start with deadlocking the front door.... hmmmph!!) - with no tradies in the pic installing the front door this time!! :D Here is the door from the inside of the house

Now to the inside of the house! I noticed that the baths were missing from the garage, so I figured the plumber had been and installed those, so had a look at those first!! :D

This is the kids bath.
This is Mike's and my spa bath... cant wait to use that!!!

The Plumbers stash of stuff....

There is also a hole for the drain in both areas for showers. Ours also has the water pipes done in the walls, and a thingumybop where the water comes out (sorry dont know the proper name of it, so you will have to put up with some silly names!)

The awesome Electricians had also done a lot more cabling throughout the house, even doing network cabling for us as well.

They have also gone through the pipe in the floor for the electricals going into the central island in the kitchen.

The Plumbers had also done a lot of the piping in the kitchen.

And also the vanity in the kids bathroom.

It also looked like Paul had sent his troops back in to put in the Airconditioning unit.

We also think the DVS people have made a start on that too, as there was silver ducting all the way down to the kids end of the house.

The Electricians also put in the pipe for our side venting dryer.

Plumber has also installed piping for the Laundry Tub.

Some cement had also been delivered and left in the garage.

Mike only had a quick look around the place today, as he had to get in the mud again and fix up the down pipe from the roof, as it was all flooded around the shed again... nice for making mud pies! :D

Mike (as you can see) was also being a bit silly, he was walking thru the puddle, and he stepped into this huge deep part, and nearly went arse over.... it looked funny, so I laughed, and looked away... and he turned around and says to me "I beg your pardon????" "Don't look at the ground.. and pretend you aren't laughing"... then I turn and look at him, and he pulls up one of his legs, and pretends it was cut off at the knee...... I really lost it when he did this... lmao

So, the flooding up around the shed, was still quite awesome to see!.....

Some dumbarse, had also broken the pipe which goes into our watertank... awesooommmmme!

They had also finished the gable on the front entrance to the house, which looks quite good!

A whirly gig thingy was put on the roof of our bathroom, Mike said its called something different, but I cant remember what he called it :Þ Maybe someone could let me know ;)

Mike and I also commented to each other that the mortar on the roof, looks absolutely dreadful, and we think it may have to be coloured to match the tiles, as it looks, just... yuk! :|

Anyway... over and out, until Monday!! :D