Thursday, August 19, 2010

Appliances and Lights!!

Today, I was out our way, getting my two new tyres on the car ($500 later... grrr) so I went up to the house! AND.... Oh my gosh, how exciting!!!... we have had the Rangehood and stove put in, and some of our light fittings have been installed.

Formal Lounge
Family Room
Dining Room
The Kitchen!
Rangehood and Oven!

We also had the Air-Conditioning guys in today, doing the ducting!!

I was also quite excited to find out that our hot water cylinder is solar ready! Mike was really happy to hear that also!! :)

And as always.... todays view.... Always different!!! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its all happening!

Things were humming along at the house today! Busy busy busy!!! :)

The builders were there, and so was the electrician! The builders were busy putting handles on doors and cupboards.

They are also installing our doorstops, imported from Australia (seems you cannot buy the cheap ass door stop clips here, just expensive ones!). Last time I was over in Australia, I took myself to Bunnings, and bought these little suckers for $1.49 each!!

Our bathroom is looking pretty awesomely awesome!! I cannot wait to use the Spa Bath!!!!!

The kids bathroom is also looking pretty cool :) Britt stoked with the Feature tiles that I chose for them!

Their dunny was put in place also.

Ours was still in the box!

The Wardrobe people have been in and have installed the racks in all the cupboards.

This is our walk in robe.

Britt's walk in robe.

And... Cameron's walk in robe.

There were more DVS Outlets and lights put in!

And the tiles on the floor, look fantastic!!!

I am really looking forward to the day when we move into this wonderful home!! :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Electricians have started!

After scrapbooking today, I went up to the house to see if the phone line was working! AND... IT IS!!! Yay Telecom for getting your act together (6 1/2 months it took them to bloody well do the phone connection!).

Anyway, the Electricians seemed to be in the house as well, and they were putting in some lights, and switches, and Sky connections... all exciting stuff!! :)

The Tilers are still there, and working on the tiling still. They have completed all the tiles for the Study, and have put up a bunch more tiles in our bathroom, and have also started on the kids bathroom.

Tiles on walls in the Ensuite.

Lights in Dining Room!

Light and DVS outlets in ceiling in the Formal Lounge.

Powerpoint, Sky Outlet, and Network Outlet

Powerpoint in Formal Lounge next to Kiwivac outlet

Kid's bath

Kids's Bathroom Vanity

The Study

Bathroom Feature Tiles!

Today we went up the block, to check out the tiling! Cameron seems pretty pleased with the feature wall in his room! :)

The Heated towel rails, mirror demisters and the controls were left in the Butler's pantry a few days ago, and here are some pics

The tilers are doing a great job and moving through the house quite quickly! Hallway!


The kids bathroom! The shower has gone in for the kids!

Vanity area in kids bathroom.

Toilet, without the toilet!

Kids bath and tiles in the bathroom

View from hallway through to toilet area

Hallway area outside kids bedroom and kids bathroom.

Looking into our bathroom

Feature tiles in our shower

Our shower

Our Toilet... with heated flooring to keep our toesies warm!!

Feature tiles and a bit more of the shower!

Vanity and Spa Bath view!!

Kitchen area!

Kitchen / Dining / Family rooms, tiles are looking great!

The view out the Picture Window! I cannot wait to get up and look at this view every day!!

View from Family Room!

View out the Dining Room Ranch Sliders.

Front Entry way!

We are really pleased with how the finishing touches are coming up on the house!! :D