Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Firstly, Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Mothers out there! I hope you had an awesome day today! I know that I did, even though I did not have my wonderful girls with me, they mean the world to me, and I got to speak to both of them, so that made my day even more wonderful! :)

Mike and I went up to Waimauku this morning to have Breaky at one of our favourite cafe's. We then headed to Waitakere Trust Stadium for the Home Show! We got some more ideas for the house and property! We then drove over to the shore, and bought ourselves a new Bosch Dryer as seen below I pick it up either tomorrow or on Tuesday, so I am really looking forward to picking that up and having a play with it! :D

Mike and I then went to the HOLE, to pick up the rest of our rubbish, and to take some plants up to the new house :) We pulled out our Rosemary from the garden and replanted it up behind the shed. The ground was hard as anything and even with me jumping on the shovel I still couldn't dig a very good hole :( BUT, we planted it anyway. SO... here are some silly pics of us planting the rosemary, the first thing we have planted on our property! :)

^ This is Mike, pretending he is a really old man!!!

After we planted the Rosemary, Mike went down the bottom part of the block and picked up some rubbish of ours that had blown away from near the shed :|