Friday, May 28, 2010

Let the flooding begin....

So... as you all know I have been in Australia for the past week. I was sitting at the airport last Friday morning, waiting for my departing flight (which I might add was delayed by an hour due to our pilot being "knocked off his bike in LA" and having to be replaced by another one)... great start to the day! Then the phone rings..... its the Electrician, saying that I needed to come up to the block asap, as it looked like our shed was gonna flood and was 50mm from flooding.... awesome..... told him I wasnt going anywhere but on the plane to Australia, but would ring Mike up and send him up to the block to check it out!

Mike spent... hours... up there.... trying to de-flood the place...... and getting rather muddy and very very wet.... awesome.... :| He had to attach a pipe to the dropper on the gutters, as the water was just coming off the roof, onto the ground, and just sitting there flooding the place out.... argh... :( Here are pictures from the next day, when it wasnt so flooded... Mike said the water level was up to the top level of the gravel driveway.... eeek!!!

Mike's makeshift piping, to drain all the water from the roof, down the bank, so no more flooding would occur!

Mike went up on Saturday also, and we had some things delivered! YIPPEEE!!!.... BRICKS!!

AND.... A Kids bath, Spa Bath, kids shower, and taps!!

Big thanks to Mikey for taking the time out to clear up all the water, and put piping in, AND for taking photos for us all to see!! :)

We are going up the block tomorrow morning, and will see what has happened up there during the week! Will post more photos tomorrow :D Stay tuned ;)