Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spontaneous trip to the block...

Mike got home early today, so we went for a drive up the block, and how exciting to see more bricks up.....

We also have A GARAGE DOOR!! *woot*

The Inside of the garage!

With the door opener/light installed on the ceiling.

We have one completed side of the house done, this is the area that floods very easily, so I am guessing that they got stuck into this side and got it done before it rains and floods the area again!!

Mike went out to the entertainment area, to check out the soffit, which is looking really nice. We also had a breeze up there, but in the entertainment area there was no breeze, so we have positioned the house properly for the prevailing wind.

There is also lots of waterproof wrap around all the windows and doors. Mike said it will prevent some wind getting through as well!

I also had to check out my spa bath again, I really cannot wait to use it!! Mike wondered if they had put the pump in yet, and here it is!

And that is all, until either tomorrow or Saturday... stay tuned!!! :D