Monday, May 10, 2010

A day of nothing, turns into a day of somethings....

This morning, I slept in, then rang up Britt and had my weekly chat to her on the phone. After getting off the phone, I headed over to the North Shore, to pick up my sexy new Bosch Dryer! Then I thought, what the hell... Ill go see, if anybody has done anything to my house today! On arriving in our street, I could see from a distance that something was happening.....

I decided that seeing as something had been done, that I would take my usual panoramic shot of the house that gets posted onto my facebook for everyone to see, and then I thought I would go have a cuppa in the shed, before heading "home". I come across this guy in the driveway, who stops me in my tracks, and says "Are you the owner" and I was like, "Yes I am" so he asks me if I have the key to the shed.... ummmm yes of course I do.... He was there to install the pump today... good thing the House builders told me to go up there today..... OHHHhhhhh thats right... they didnt!!!! >:| SO... good thing I got there when I did, to let the plumber in to put the pump in the shed! The plumber also hooked up the water tank to the water pump, and then put in a tap for the brickies to use! SO... here are all the pics of the pump and piping for the water!

I also had a peek into one of the Water Tanks, and got to see that one of the tanks was nearly full up to about a metre from the top.

We have water!!! The pressure from the little pump is awesome!!! :)

The Roof tilers were there and they had finished putting the timber on the roof for all the tiles. The guys then set up the conveyor belt to put the tiles up onto the Roof.

Here is a pic of the first two tiles going up on the roof. :)

These guys are pretty handy with their juggling of roof tiles as well!

And then there is the young fella at the bottom, who can load them onto the conveyor belt pretty fast as well!

I had also noticed, that the grass is definitely a lot greener, and even the bank at the back of the house, is growing some grass! YAY!

As it has also been rather WINDY up on our block of late, I also had to go on another rubbish run around the bottom of the block, so took some pictures....

I then headed "home" to try out my sexy new Bosch Dryer...and what an awesome dryer it is!! :)

SOOOooooo a pretty big and busy day for me, who was intending on spending the day just picking up her dryer, taking a pic or two of the roof tiles, and then heading home for lunch! Didnt happen that way, but, at least it wasnt a totally wasted day :)