Saturday, July 31, 2010

Handover date.....

should be September 1st, 2010.... keep fingers crossed for us, that it isn't delayed any longer than that!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I went up to the house today, haven't been up there since last weekend. I met the painters, and asked how long they had been up there (as it didn't look like they had really done much in 4 days lol), and they said they had been there since Monday doing the painting. The house is looking more like a home with a bit of the painting done (looks like an undercoat so far).

I had to write on the walls, the colours for kids rooms, and formal lounge. The Painter was most appreciative!! I felt a bit naughty, writing on the walls! :D

This is the house view from the outside, covered in plastic on the inside to protect the kitchen, windows and other cabinetry!

Pics of the rooms below!

Formal Lounge
Butler's Pantry
Cameron's room
Kid's Bathroom
Britt's room
Lauren's room

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kitchen went in today!

I headed up to the block today, I have decided that we do not live in Woodhill, but it is now called Lake Kiwitahi...... as shown in the pictures! YAY!! :D I guess it has been raining quite a lot lately :|

The guy was there installing the kitchen. I don't really have much to say about it, but somewhere along the way, we asked for a Door on our Corner Pantry, and seem to have somehow signed off on a pantry without a cupboard door :| So, I am kinda not real happy about that........... Here are the pics!

The Main Kitchen area.

Butler's Sink will go here.

Central Island, which will have Osprey Caesar Stone as the countertop.

Dishwasher / Oven / Gas Hobbs and Rangehood go here.

Drawer for cutlery.

The Butler's Pantry or Scullery, whichever you prefer to call it! :D

The Sink and cupboards

- minus the Pantry door.... (asking where its gone!!) -

Open Shelving

More open shelving, along these benchtops, we will have all our appliances.

Sink, cupboards, bin cupboards - microwave will probably sit in the corner to the right

Big sink for Messy Mike (I Love you Mikey!!! <3)

Some things below, that will probably annoy me in the fact, the actually already annoy me a lot already.....

Some rubbery bits in the windows that aren't quite in perfect.... annoying!

These corners... I wish they were rounded like the actual walls.... annoying! Sorry but why would you put a square corner on a rounded wall???

The sanded walls and ceilings, not bad... but we shall see how they look after they are painted... I am a stickler for perfectly sanded straight ceilings where you cannot see the GIB joints and not seeing nail potholes in the ceilings or walls.....

The beautiful view out the window today, even though it was foggy, it still looked really nice :D

I picked up Britt from school, after being up the block and on the way home we drove through Auckland City..... and for the first time in the two years I have been living here, someone had bungy jumped off the skytower... madness!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kitchen goes in on Friday

so I will be up at the house, taking photos! :D

This is a plan of our kitchen, with the huge Butler's Pantry (ie. Mike Mess Room!). This room will be great, as we will be able to keep all of our appliances plugged in and on the bench for use at all times... YAY!! :)

We have chosen Bosch Appliances for the kitchen, and our Kitchen and Electrical people were really pleased that we did not go for the standard appliances which are provided by the builder.

This is the light that is going over the breakfast bar!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Its been a couple of weeks

since I have been up the block to check on the house (9 Days in Australia did not help that situation!!).

I had to meet the wardrobe lady up there to deck out all of our wardrobes. Mike and I have the biggest wardrobe, so I hope I laid that out ok.... so many choices! I let Cameron and Britt set theirs out how they wanted to.

The doors seem to have all been hung in the interior of the house.

The plasterers have also been in and plastered all the joints and nails.

They were putting up the cornice today.

Front Door and Entrance hallway

Doorways to entry hallway

Formal Lounge

Kitchen Dining rooms

Britt's wardrobe cupboards (and a bit of her bedroom door)

Some storage cupboards in the hallway.

The Vanities had also been put in place.

Dining Room

Entrance to Formal Lounge

The hallway

There was also a huge chunk taken out of one of the window sills.

This is the inside of the garage

The water tanks seem to be full as the overflow, is, well, overflowing!

This is a shot of the celing in the kitchen.

This is where all the electricals are going in the main kitchen.

The Butlers Pantry is looking good!