Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Man Cave (also known as the Shed) - lights up like the MCG!!

Sorry this blog is late, I would have had it to you sooner, but I seem to have put my back out... joy! So much for packing, and we are moving tomorrow... not good!

On the way to the block, it was again, really foggy!
I was also lucky enough to follow the poo truck to our block... mmm... yuk!
As there were no builders there, I decided to have a walk around the house to see what they had been up to....

Most of the metal had been put down around the perimeter of the house. Some of it hasnt been done, because of the supplies still being too close to the house.... I guess they will come back and finish off the job when things are moved out of their way, but apparently the tiles for the roof are meant to be delivered on Monday... so we will see how that goes!

They have an interesting way of labeling each lot of frames for each rooms... I guess its good that they are written on there so that things are not mixed up I guess?

They are also doing a really thorough job on the roofing trusses.

Yesterday, we had to have the power switched off (and back on again), so that the power board could be put onto the shed (instead of the temporary one we had!) and circuit switchboard is in the shed. A temporary power point has been set up in the house with its own RCD built in for the Builders to use.

This temporary power box has to be removed and transferred to the shed.

The lights are up and installed!

This is the electricals to the septic system, a pump is also going to be installed in the shed for the water.

The Shed guys also came back and installed the downpipes for the shed.

After my appointment with the doctor last night, Mike and I went up the block, and tested out the lights, and yep, as mentioned in the title... it lights up like the MCG!! Awesome!!! We are really impressed!