Thursday, April 1, 2010

Miss a day... miss a lot!

As mentioned above, you go away for a day, and you miss a lot on a building site!

Today, we went up to check on the installation of the water tanks. Both tanks are in place and sunk a fair way into the ground.

Aaron, the digger guy had also made sure that the topsoil had been dug back over the bottom bank and leveled out.

A silt trap was also put into the bottom area of the excavated site.

A cut has also been made in the slab to stop cracking.

The shed guy has also started boxing up the shed site, and has put some holes in the ground for the shed.

And for all of us simple people, just in case you do not know where to place the bin for all the rubbish onsite, we spray paint in big green words "BIN" so that you know where to put it! ...... a bit different!

Mike also went for a bit of a wander up to the front fenceline, and found that the blackberry bushes had grown back, and had some very nice juicy blackberries to eat on them. We think we will just take a cutting a bit later on and make a fruit garden and grow the blackberries in a contained area rather than pick what is there, and have had god knows what on it lmao

We took the kids up there with us as well, and both kids sat in "their rooms" and were quite at peace up there. Cameron sat and played his guitar. Lauren quite happily sat and looked at the cows and thought that was pretty cool. Lauren pointed from her room to the bottom of the block and said to me "Mum, is that the backyard, right down there, where we can go play?" I told her yes, and she had a total look of awe on her face!

So, a great day up at the block! :)