Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good framework!

Well well well...another trip up the block, and not one lot of builders but two!!

The framework is being put up on the shed, and it is looking awesome!

Also the framework on the house is being put up, and that too is also awesome!

It is actually starting to look like a house and a shed now! Such exciting stuff!!!! :)

I also met one of my neighbours up at the block today (her name is also Sarah lol), and her husband is going to be doing our air conditioning unit for the house, which they can start once the roof goes on... and that will be May 3rd that they will start doing the roof! Sarah told me that her kids are really excited about watching our house go up, and this morning one of the kids came to her and said "WOW Mum, LOOK! They have walls now!!!!!" Too cute!!!

On my trip out and about today, I also went and ordered the feature tiles for the kids bathroom, and also went and ordered our feature tiles for the ensuite. They should all come in this or next weekend, so more exciting stuff... our feature tiles look like the ones below.

I also went into the carpet place with the house tile, and matched up the carpet that we like with the tile. So that also is awesome. We have to get onto ordering the carpet soon.

Lots of things to do, and so little time........