Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whats going on today?!

Well... not much is happening today, I can assure you! I got up to the block... and NOBODY THERE!!! The roof trusses are not all on yet, but they have until the 3rd of May to do that. So, I just headed home.

However, not far down the road, I came across an AC Digger Truck! YIPPEE!! I knew where they were going! SO, I followed him back! The young fella, in the dump truck, said he had metal (gravel) to deliver - 4 truckloads!!!! BUT, there was a slight problem........ the house builders had left all the supplies, around close to the house, where bobcat had to get in close to the house, to scrape the metal close to the house... yay! Ahhh... leave it to them, and they will sort, no worries!

So, I stand around and wait for a while, and he backs the truck back, and dumps all the metal on the ground.

I drive off home, as I am starving and have been out all morning, and I need some lunch! I am home for about an hour before I head back up there.

On my way up to the block, I notice that you can see our house from Kiwitahi Road (which I didnt think was possible!!!), but, the house is so huge, it is possible!!! :) I THINK you can see it from State Highway 16 as well... I will have to investigate that one a bit more though ;)

I arrive at the block... no trucks :( But there is a Ute... and a Bobcat! Awesome! I go take some photos of the bobcat dude running around in the bobcat, placing metal around the outer perimeter of the house! YAY!