Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Little Digger!

Alrighty, up again this morning to be up at block to let the Electricians into the shed again! Yep, awesome...... it looked rather foggy outside.... hmmmmmmm.... this is what it looked like on the road on the way to the block (and this was better visibility than some areas on State Highway 16 that I had to drive!)

I arrived, unlocked the shed, took some photos inside of some of the electrical work. Looking pretty good!

Note left for me in the shed...

Off I went to my favourite place - Henderson - not! I grabbed a few things from there (Avatar DVD being one of them!), and then went on to Kennards to get some more boxes, so that we can pack some stuff tonight! (yeah right!). Whilst out and about at Westgate, I got a phone call from our Power Company, saying that they were going to disconnect out power tomorrow, and then reconnect it between the hours of 9am and 11:30am. And the charge for that simple pleasure, is $60 for disconnect, $60 for reconnect.... like.... wtf???????? Whatever, not like I have any choice in the matter, as we need to have power to the shed!

On the way home, I stopped by the block again... Telecom win Loser Telephone Company of the Year award, because, once again, for a phone company that was meant to be putting in a pole, and connecting our line today (or wasnt that meant to be LAST Friday??), I did not see diddly squat of anything or anyone to do with the Phone company up there!

To my excitement, there was a baby digger on the block, near the shed (one of the electricians), and he was putting in some more underground wiring - yes, I seem to have a thing for diggers... <3 lol..... don't tell my husband ;)

The Electricians had finished, doing all the electricals in the shed! Yay! They will be back tomorrow to make it live.

Onto the house.... they are still working away on the roof trusses, they now seem to have put on some metal strippy bits, I guess to add more bracing to the roofing.

I got mud all over my nice [cleanish] shoes - serves me right, I had my gumboots in the car, but do you think I put them on? nope! Silly me! So the second time I went back... I put them on... and check out the mud on the gumbys!
....and this was after I cleaned about an inch of mud off the bottom of them...