Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Shed!

Work on the shed is going very slowly as its pretty windy up at our place right now, so it makes it hard to hold down metal sheets and nail them into studs.... and I guess, who really wants their body sliced in half by a flying piece of tin!

Mike and I went up at about 2pm today, and ran into some bulls heading up to the block.. that was exciting!

On arrival at the property, we had noticed The Shed Company had put up a sign on the gate.

We wandered through the house together - during daylight this time lol Mike is pretty impressed with the workmanship on our home! :) We then wandered over to the Shed, to check out the building on that. Mike was also impressed with the shed and how it is all coming together! We had a look at all the bits and pieces that were laying about the site.... so took some exciting pictures of those as well lol

Mike in the MAN SHED!!

The extra walls they put in yesterday!

Odds n sods!