Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Roof Trusses!

We have some roof trusses up on the roof of the house! The trusses are over mine and Mike's bedroom! YAY! Have just been up to have a look.

The shed is also NEARLY finished! I think they stopped work for a bit this morning, as we are meant to have a slide window in the back of the shed, but they put in a different type of window instead, no problem there I dont think! So they should have that ready this afternoon. I will go up to the block later on again today to have another look at the finished shed (I hope!!).

Whilst I was up the block, a funny thing happened.... one of the house builders rings up [I am guessing] the Project Manager, and he says "The owners of this place, have people up here building a shed, and the shed guys are using our bin!".... I look at him as he says this, and he turns away rather wtf? I think that is kinda petty! Im sure the shed guys are using their dunny up there as well.... I mean.... what do they want them to do, pay a toll everytime they use the dunny as well? or make a mess on my property??? BAH!!! I dont get it! The house builders in turn rang the shed builders....... and are sorting something out.......