Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shed complete and I have the keys!

I took a carton of beer to the shed blokes, coz they did such an awesome job on our shed! Bryce and I had a bit of a giggle at the house builders over the bin episode... hahahhaaaa hilarious! :) I now have all the keys for the shed, so we have our first set of keys for the property!

Just so we all know, I had to scale the side of the shed walls inside AND climb up on a builders horsey building thingy, to close the shed doors, as I am too SHORT to reach them... gonna have to put some ropey bits on, so that I can just pull the shed roller doors down! OK... now you can laugh! :)

So, the shed looks like so with the doors down and locked

Anyway, on to the house..... the builders have been up there again, putting up more trusses, the house roof is now way bigger than the shed roof, and we thought the shed was tall!

Master Bedroom, Dining and Family Room end of the house!
Roof Trusses down the hallway!!
More Roof Trusses!

Full view of the house from the driveway entrance!