Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Have a slab or two...

and we are not talking about a slab or two of beer here! We are talking about two slabs of concrete! The house one is finished, and now the one for the shed is complete!

Mike and I went up the block last night (at about 1am on our way home from the airport!), to find that they had put the framing on the land to start the house frame either today (not when I was there), or tomorrow!... will check it out again tomorrow to see if they have started framing the house yet!

The shed slab guy was there as well, he was removing all the slab framing for us, so hopefully by the end of this week, the shed will be up and done, then we can get the electrician in to put the power on! YAY! That will be mission one accomplished!

Got home and uploaded photos, only to find that the stupid brand new memory card that we bought, has corrupted some files.... fuckin awesome! NOT! So am unable to share those photos of the shed slab, but seem to have photos of the frames, as seen below!