Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Approval from the Master Builder :)

We went up to the property with Mike's Dad today, and he is very impressed with the building work that is happening on the house. So we are pleased with that!

They have now boarded up some of the house with ply wood, and were getting the crane in this afternoon to lift up the roofing trusses onto the roof. They will put them all together tomorrow, so a trip up there for me to take more photos!

We also checked out the shed. The builder was putting in windows today and the Ranch Slider. They had also gotten the spare parts that were missing (ie for the roof), so the roof is now complete. The roller doors were showing up this afternoon also, for him (I guess he will be getting some help lol) to put them up. They had also done some of the down pipes from the roof as well.

We also rang Telecom today, for them to connect our telephone line.... like what a rip off.... another several hundred dollars later... and they will connect our telephone line this Friday. We will then get our phone company to connect our phone line for us! That will probably cost us ANOTHER connection fee.... dont they make enough money from us with all our phone calls overseas????

Anyway.... stay tuned.... !! :)