Monday, March 8, 2010

Yippee!!!! A DIGGER on our LAND!! :D

This evening, we went up and met some of our neighbours, who also happen to install heat pumps into homes. So we were going up to talk about heat pumps for the house. Very nice to meet them, they seem like really good people (as are the others who we have met in the street so far).

There was also a beautiful sunset up there, so of course I had my camera and had to take some pictures!

Before we went to the neighbours house, we saw... on our block..... a... great... big.... DIGGER! :D I was so excited, that Mike couldnt drive to the block fast enough, and I could not jump out of the car fast enough!!!! :D

Mike couldnt help himself, he wanted to drive the digger, fortunately the keys were not left in it, and he could only stand on the tracks and look in... hahahaha, he was a pretty disappointed boy!

Sooooooo.... tomorrow, I am heading up to the block, to watch some excavation of our land! Exciting stuff! I shall keep you all posted!! :)


crystallee said...

how exciting for you guys, its all happening now.