Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Excavation Complete!

I have just been up the block, to check on the excavations.... met the Electrician up there as well who was marking out all his stuff for the house! Awesome! :) They were putting down the metal on the driveway, when I was there, and making a god awful dust storm... nothing like having grit in ur teeth... yeeehaawwww! :|

I then went to Harvey Norman to get some photos printed, as I am going to scrapbook the house being built! 70 photos for under $10 suits me fine!!! :)

Went back by the block on the way home, and the truck driver was loading up the digger and taking it away :( awwwww....

I was then able to drive onto the block and our new driveway, and took some more pictures... soon you will be bored with all of the pics, I am sure! :D

AND, just so that we all know, and we have a record of it.... I was the FIRST ONE in our family to drive on our brand new driveway (even though the house and driveway isnt finished yet)... it was all me! lol


crystallee said...

god love ya, its so good to hear how happy u r keep them coming Sarah i love watching it come along.

Sarah said...

thanks Crystal... you have missed my blogs hey! ;) lmao