Monday, March 22, 2010

Checking out the block....

Mike and I went up the block this evening, and we took an esky up and picnic blanket up to the block with us.

We walked all over the platform checking out the job the guys had done today. A lot of the piles had been driven into the ground, and some of the house was prepped for the slab. Some of the piles were still sticking way out of the ground and Mike said they will come along with the chainsaw and top them.

The house is enormous! They have only done half of the slab preparation, and will probably have that finished off tomorrow. So, I guess another trip up there tomorrow night to see how much further they have gotten! The slab is due for being done on the 29th of March.

It was quite exciting to see more progress on our build.

Reinforcing Steel for the foundations

Mesh for the foundations

Looking from Ensuite out to the master bedroom!

The little tiny house with the little tiny BEAST!! *sarcasm* (Click on the photos to see a larger image!)

ME in our bedroom [nearly]! lol

From the Garage End!

The big holes in the ground are the load bearing foundation holes. Theres quite a few of these all over the site, so we had to be very careful!

Garage end again, looking back towards the other end of the house (our bedroom), right behind where I am standing is where our big HUGE shed is gonna be as well! YAY! A Man Shed for Mike!

This is looking towards where the entry will be!

After we had done the rounds of the platform, we decided we would take a walk down to the bottom of the block and have our picnic dinner. It was lovely and relaxing just sitting at the bottom of the hill. We could even hear the Tasman Sea crashing against the shores out to the west, which was also quite cool... and even more relaxing!

THE END! [for today lol]