Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New stuff!! :D

Hey everyone, well, its been a few days since my last lot of ramblings.... let me just say.... we got into a few with the builders yesterday over a few things..... don't really wanna say anymore than that! But, I left it in Mike's capable hands! :D And, he got an apology email today HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LMAO!

SO... what has been going on? Where do I start? Today, I had to take my car to get it serviced (an awesome job done on it as usual! Thanks John!). I was lent a loan car, so I went off and had a coffee (by myself) as I am a no friender! lol.... I then went to Harvey Norman's and got some photos developed (for the House Building Album). Then went on to find some packing boxes (I tell ya, it is not easy to find a place in Auckland that BUYS YOUR BOXES BACK! Just FYI... Kennards are the only ones!). So over to Eden Park I have to go after I pick my car up to pick up some packing boxes. YIPPEE!! I love packing! >:| Please note the sarcasm there! Before I went to get the boxes though, I went to some tiling places, as I need to buy some feature tiles for our bathrooms, and picky as I am.... I think I might have found some that might be half decent.... I will take Mike to see them grouted on Saturday, but here is a pic of them ungrouted (they dont look so nice ungrouted, let me tell you!!!)

So we are off to Hendo on Saturday so I can show Mike. We will also be going to the Oratia Markets, which we found last weekend, which is kind of a cool market. Quite small, but some really good quality foods there if thats what you are looking for! For those interested, here is the link

On my way home today, yes, you guessed it... I stopped by the block to see if anything new had been happening... and guess what.... THERE HAD! I could see this big white mass from a distance, I get to the block and its the polystyrene stuff that they lay under the concrete slab for additional insulation to the house. So it will look like the pic below when they are done.

I also went to Helensville Glass, but they were not there, so I have to email them. They will be doing the mirrors in our house, and we can also get them to do the glass splashback for the kitchen whilst they are installing the mirrors. So I have to get details to them....

All in all... a pretty busy and productive day! Im exhausted, so I might go have me a Nanny nap! :D