Friday, March 19, 2010

Surveying Pegs AND a Piling Digger!!! :D

Mike and I took Cam up to the block today to show him the excavations. They had put all the surveying pegs into the ground, and have the house sitting the way I told them it was to be! Mike was quite impressed with the layout, I showed him where they did want to put it, and he was disgusted...... good thing I fixed it! Otherwise the wrath of Michael would have come down on them....

To our surprise, there was another digger up on the block... I thought it was one of Aaron's diggers, to do the water tanks and the septic tank for us. Mike then informed me that it was the Pile Digger. YAY! Then we had a good look at where all the pegs were, and they were where the piles were to be driven into the ground. We borrowed the plan offsite to take a copy of as well... shhhhhhh! So we will have to take that one back tomorrow and put it back where we found it.

They are putting 26 piles on the house now... I am pretty sure they originally told us 17 piles... but I guess 26 is better stability for the house.

There was also a couple looking at buying the block next door to ours as well, and they seemed like nice people... but then again, all the people we have met out this way are really nice... I guess that is country life for you :)

Anyway.... more pictures below! Enjoy!

The view from our NE corner of the bedroom.

Piling Pegs for the Family room.

Piling Pegs for Lauren's room!

Piling Pegs for the Study and Rumpus Room.

EXCITEMENT PLUS!!!.... The Piling Digger!! YIPPEEE!!

Things, they are a moving!!!