Monday, March 29, 2010

All done!

At the block today, they had removed all the planks from around the slab, so its all done, and I got to walk on it :) We have to have about 6 inches of topsoil brought in, and the driveway will go up several more inches as well.

I also had a landscaper up the block today, and he has given me some ideas on how to plant out the block, and where to plant first, where to put our vegie garden, and herb garden. He will send me a proper plan of action in a couple of weeks time, so I will look out for that! :)

While I was up there, the guy who is doing the slab for our garage, was also there, and he looked sick as a dog! He will be back tomorrow to peg out the block, then back on Good Friday to dig, and then they will lay the slab on Monday or Tuesday. So thats all exciting stuff! Our shed should be finished by the end of next week, so at least we will have something up there that we can hang out in for a while when we go up to check things out!! :D