Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slab Prep and Digging of the piles!

I went up the block mid morning, to see if there was anything happening with the piles... yep, from that usual distance, I could see that stuff was happening on the land!

I drove into the paddock next door, and was watching the tradies... one of em was having a bitch and a moan that there was no power to the site.... not our problem... speak to the Builder about that, as they were meant to arrange it, NOT US! They thought I was from a neibouring property... but nope... lol... I was there to watch what they were doing and to take some photos!

The guy who was having a moan, he was there to prep the slab, so they were putting up boards of timber around the perimeter area of the house. He had a team of fella's there to help him.

The other guys, they were there to do the piling for us. So they started and used their machine to push some of the piles into the earthworks, which was pretty cool to watch!

Anyway... again.... more pictures! :D Again, I will also go up later and take some more photos (Probably when Mike gets home!)