Thursday, March 25, 2010

Up the drain! (if that is possible!)

This morning, I did not want to get out of bed...nope... I was quite happy staying in there, as it was nice and warm, and it is now starting to get a bit chilly out...

At about 10am, I got dressed, jumped in the Rangie, and drove up the block! From that point on the road, yes, you guessed it! I could see that the big mountain of polystyrene blocks, and diminished and spread over the platform, like someone had dumped a big pile of snow on our block!

The guys have been quite busy up there, the drains have been laid (Australian style, under the slab - I guess there had to be a little bit of Australianism in the house building technique somewhere lol), they drains were also flushed to make sure they are working properly, so that is all good! Then the poly was laid and then they are putting the mesh on top now too!

Slab is being poured on Monday.... so pray everyone, and pray hard for us, that it doesnt rain and hold up our building process!!!

Pics below! :D


crystallee said...

looking good at least there not wasting, time there getting stuck into it.