Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hey everyone
this is my first blog so welcome!

My husband (Michael) and I are about to start building our new home... so I'm going to start right at the beginning......

We spent about 18 months looking for a house to buy. We looked all over West Auckland and up north west a bit. Problem was, every house that we looked at was... less than desirable..... and we would always go through what we would change and replace and renovate within the house that we "kind of" liked.... nothing leapt out at us really, except one house, and when we didnt get that one, we were glad, because it still was not what we really wanted! Too many things wrong with it that would have been too much of a worry for us. We really love the area that we are living in, so finally decided that we would just look out our way for a home that we both would love.

Mike looked at a house oneday in the street where we finally bought. He didnt really like that house, but there was another "Open Home" down the road.... turned out, it was just an open paddock. Mike told me about this block of land, and how great it was, and that we should maybe consider buying a block of land and building a house on it..... I was not too crazy about the idea... particularly where the block of land was..... and particularly the fact it was on a dirt road (or paper road as the Kiwi's call it.... whats so paper about it?????)!

I relented, and went with Mike to check out this block of land.

I fell in love with it straight away. The views were awesome, it was secluded enough, but with enough neighbours around us, to keep us out in the sticks and away from noise and happy! It was the nicest feeling that both of us had formed about a property.... so we did more investigations on it. We put in an offer, which was not accepted, so they counter offered, and we accepted! August last year, we settled and the property became ours! This was also the day Mike became redundant.... BOOOOO!!!!

So here is our little piece of paradise!!