Monday, March 8, 2010

Dig it!

Well, what an exciting morning for Mike and I!

I was up at the crack of dawn with Mike (and I am talking like 4:45am - those who know me, know that I am NOT a morning person!)... so we had a nice breakfast and coffee together, and then he got ready for work. I, of course, went back to bed, but struggled to get back to sleep due to the impending work on our block!

I eventually fell back to sleep, and the alarm went off! It felt like I had only slept for a few minutes.....

I jumped out of bed, got dressed and drove up to the block. It was a bit of a foggy morning, would have been a great opportunity to take some awesome fog photos, but I was on a mission to get to the block!

I got up there at about 7:20am, and the Digger guys were already up there, marking out the area where they needed to dig... unfortunately, somebody had screwed up our plans and had moved our house around to an angle, that we are not happy with.... and a view, that I would NEVER like to wake up to and see early in the morning.... so, Aaron (the owner) has now dug, according to where WE positioned the house, not where the drafter put it on our block.... so we now need to get onto the builder about that as well....

Whilst Aaron and I were talking about the positioning of the house... the first cut was made into our land. What an achievement it has been, to finally get to THIS DAY, where they make the first cut!

Aaron then marked the ground again, so that the house is positioned where we want, and it will be raised above the driveway a bit now, instead of lower. I don't think he would have started digging today, had I not been there this morning.... He is very good and knows his stuff, very well, which is what we all want! :)

I took heaps of pictures, way too many to upload onto here... and would probably bore you too much.... so here is one last one, before I left the site.... I will [of course] go back up later, and take more pics, as I think they are going to finish the digging today, and compact it tomorrow! YAY!!! :)