Saturday, June 19, 2010

Roasty Toasty!!

Britt and I went up the block on Friday, and noticed that the garage door was STILL open! Inside the garage, we saw that they had delivered the GIB, and lots of it!!! Approximately 9000kg to be precise!

There was also a box of goodies, and some cornice.

They had done some of the insulation in the house, starting with the garage.

The rumpus room.

Britt's Room.

The kitchen.

Formal Lounge.

Our Room.

Our Bathroom.

Some downpipes had also been connected.

Mike, Britt and I went up the block today, and they had finished all the external wall insulation, and had also completed the ceiling insulation (no pics, I didnt take the camera with me, because I was wearing bogan clothes, and we could NOT have any photographic evidence of that laying around anywhere, for people to blackmail me with later!!!). We also put in all the Pink Batts that we received in delivery on Friday (another reason Britt and I went up the block!!)