Monday, June 7, 2010

OH.... poo..... :|

Sorry its been a while between blogs, last time I went to write one, well.... it wouldnt let me do anything, so I gave up!

Mike and I went to the block on Monday to see what was going on.

Looks like, its been pretty windy up there, as the port-a-loo was blown over.... ewwwwwwww.... glad I dont have to be the sorry soul who has to clean that up!!!!

Not much else had been done since Friday when we were up there. More bricks had gone up on the house on Friday, so that was great to see!

We went through the house, and even though it isnt finished, and not all the windows are in, and it was also quite windy up there, the house on the inside was quite warm! Always a good sign!

We had a good look at a few finer points in the house as well....

More brickwork...
Silicone around the water hoses
Fujitsu Airconditioner...
Cat Door and door lining
Ceiling finish on entry area
Garage Door panelling
Silicone gooey yellow stuff (looks like thick silly string!) around the window and door frames...