Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its been a few days....

but here is an update on the house!!! :D

I took Britt up there on Monday, and she loves the house :) She loved the size of the property as well and wants me to buy her a horse :| Here is a pic of Britt in the front entrance area of the house!

We didn't go back to the house again, until today. The view from one of our neighbours gate was amazing! The sun was shining, and the house just looked so awesome!

We got to the house, and the garage door was open... hmmm..... Britt and I went inside, and the shower base was laid down. It looked like they had put it in, it wasn't until later, when the plumber showed up, that I saw that it wasn't put in. He had other things that he was installing as well, so will see what that was on Friday!

And here is Britt taking a shower...

.... nah... not really!! :D

Britt and I walked to the Formal Lounge room, and AMAZINGLY the Picture window was in! Isn't it STUNNING?!! :D I just love it!!!

Here is Britt showing it off for us all :)

This is the outside view :D YAY!!!

This window seemed to take forever to be put into place for some reason....

We also found some insulation batt's in the house.

The air-con people had been back to do some more wiring for us. They also installed a switch plate on the dining room wall.

I also checked on the roof tiles, to see if they had been painted yet, and some of them were, they seem to have painted the ridges, but not all of the valley's, so I am sure they will be back to paint the valleys as well... I hope.....

Britt and I checked out the phone line, and Telecom in their ultimate awesomeness (who promised our phone would be connected by "JUNE 15TH AT THE LATEST"....)hmmm... moving on....... still have not connected the phone line, so they will be getting a phone call tomorrow, and I am sure, Mike will not hold back this time!! Losers... I swear, the win Loser Telephone Company of the Year award.......

And there we have it! Britt also made her way up to the top corner of the paddock (Brave girl, she didn't have gumboots on!!! lol), to see if she could see the Sky Tower from our place today as it was such a lovely sunny day, and she could, so she was pretty stoked with that!