Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its all happening!

Things were humming along at the house today! Busy busy busy!!! :)

The builders were there, and so was the electrician! The builders were busy putting handles on doors and cupboards.

They are also installing our doorstops, imported from Australia (seems you cannot buy the cheap ass door stop clips here, just expensive ones!). Last time I was over in Australia, I took myself to Bunnings, and bought these little suckers for $1.49 each!!

Our bathroom is looking pretty awesomely awesome!! I cannot wait to use the Spa Bath!!!!!

The kids bathroom is also looking pretty cool :) Britt stoked with the Feature tiles that I chose for them!

Their dunny was put in place also.

Ours was still in the box!

The Wardrobe people have been in and have installed the racks in all the cupboards.

This is our walk in robe.

Britt's walk in robe.

And... Cameron's walk in robe.

There were more DVS Outlets and lights put in!

And the tiles on the floor, look fantastic!!!

I am really looking forward to the day when we move into this wonderful home!! :D