Sunday, August 15, 2010

Electricians have started!

After scrapbooking today, I went up to the house to see if the phone line was working! AND... IT IS!!! Yay Telecom for getting your act together (6 1/2 months it took them to bloody well do the phone connection!).

Anyway, the Electricians seemed to be in the house as well, and they were putting in some lights, and switches, and Sky connections... all exciting stuff!! :)

The Tilers are still there, and working on the tiling still. They have completed all the tiles for the Study, and have put up a bunch more tiles in our bathroom, and have also started on the kids bathroom.

Tiles on walls in the Ensuite.

Lights in Dining Room!

Light and DVS outlets in ceiling in the Formal Lounge.

Powerpoint, Sky Outlet, and Network Outlet

Powerpoint in Formal Lounge next to Kiwivac outlet

Kid's bath

Kids's Bathroom Vanity

The Study