Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It seems a long time between blogging, but there hasnt been much of an update for you all on the house, it seems to be taking 2 1/2 long weeks to paint our house interior... I guess that is what we get for having such a big house!

The painters are doing such a great job, and the rooms they have completed look awesome. None of the feature walls had been done when I was up there yesterday.

We have finally done our curtains, which should be ready to go into the house around about the same time we are going in! If not, looks like we may just have some sheets up on windows for a little while :D

In the bedrooms we are having Roman Blinds. There was many an argument at the weekend about colours in two of the kids rooms.... and they seemed to have won the battle there.

So the Roman blinds and curtains will look like this:

The particular type of curtain we have in our bedroom, living areas and for Lauren's blind are like this, they are called Seville:

We are having the Dutch Pleat for the curtains.

In the Kitchen we are having Wooden Blinds

The colours for the main living area of the house are earth tones. And thats all I have to tell you right now!! :D