Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I went up to the house today, haven't been up there since last weekend. I met the painters, and asked how long they had been up there (as it didn't look like they had really done much in 4 days lol), and they said they had been there since Monday doing the painting. The house is looking more like a home with a bit of the painting done (looks like an undercoat so far).

I had to write on the walls, the colours for kids rooms, and formal lounge. The Painter was most appreciative!! I felt a bit naughty, writing on the walls! :D

This is the house view from the outside, covered in plastic on the inside to protect the kitchen, windows and other cabinetry!

Pics of the rooms below!

Formal Lounge
Butler's Pantry
Cameron's room
Kid's Bathroom
Britt's room
Lauren's room