Thursday, July 15, 2010

Its been a couple of weeks

since I have been up the block to check on the house (9 Days in Australia did not help that situation!!).

I had to meet the wardrobe lady up there to deck out all of our wardrobes. Mike and I have the biggest wardrobe, so I hope I laid that out ok.... so many choices! I let Cameron and Britt set theirs out how they wanted to.

The doors seem to have all been hung in the interior of the house.

The plasterers have also been in and plastered all the joints and nails.

They were putting up the cornice today.

Front Door and Entrance hallway

Doorways to entry hallway

Formal Lounge

Kitchen Dining rooms

Britt's wardrobe cupboards (and a bit of her bedroom door)

Some storage cupboards in the hallway.

The Vanities had also been put in place.

Dining Room

Entrance to Formal Lounge

The hallway

There was also a huge chunk taken out of one of the window sills.

This is the inside of the garage

The water tanks seem to be full as the overflow, is, well, overflowing!

This is a shot of the celing in the kitchen.

This is where all the electricals are going in the main kitchen.

The Butlers Pantry is looking good!